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This resource has been created to further the spiritual development of church leaders and Christians through intentionally curated courses consisting of videos and other developmental tools.

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Lance Crowell, Craig Etheredge, Glenn Underhill
This Learning Path walks through becoming an intentional disciple making church. These are seven Bold Moves every church needs to make to become a ...
Scottie Stice
Welcome to the online SBTC Disaster Relief Intoduction Training! This training consists of three sections. See "Required Course Materials" below fo...
Chris Du-Pond, Edgardo Ferrer, Rudy González, Bruno Molina
El curso de apologética en línea Permaneciendo Firme es diseñado para 1) fortalecer la fe de los cristianos por medio de presentar evidencia con...
This path has several keynote speakers.
This Learning Path is a series of intense conversations centered around strategic topics relating toward revitalization of the local church. If you...
Lance Crowell, Spencer Plumlee
Rhythms is a series that is designed to help a mentor and a mentee in the discipleship process. Lance and Spencer will dive into the five rhythms ...
Lance Crowell, Don Munton, Eric Reed
Roles of a Man gives all men a proper framework of what it means and what it looks like to be a Biblical man. This resource is designed for men of ...
Lance Crowell, Josh Proctor
Men are being destroyed by sexual images and pornography. This is not just an issue in the culture but inside church’s as well. What can churches...
Paul Gould
The Stand Firm Apologetics Course is designed to strengthen Christians’ faith by presenting compelling evidence for the truths of Christianity, a...