3 Minutes of Tech

3 Minutes of Tech

In three minutes you will learn one crucial element related to worship technology that will move your closer to excellence in what you do on Sunday mornings.

Running the Sound Board
Running the Sound Board (02:50)
In this installment of 3min of tech, Curtis James shares some great thoughts on running the sound board in worship. more
Setting the EQ
Setting the EQ (04:02)
In this installment of 3 Minutes of Tech, Curtis James shares about equalization (EQ). What kind of EQ’ing tips do you have? more
Monitor Mixing
Monitor Mixing (03:46)
This week, Curtis James shares some insight about how to mix monitors. more
Microphones in Worship
Microphones in Worship (04:38)
In this 3 minutes of Tech video, Curtis James describes the different kinds of microphones used in worship. more
Setting the Gain
Setting the Gain
Curtis James, worship pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX, shows you how to properly set the gain on your mixing console.  For more helpful tools and information on worship arts and technology visit our wors... more