Church Business Administration

Church Business Administration

Operational and legal issues continually distract from a church maintaining a kingdom focus. These videos provide needed information to recognize potential pitfalls and provide up-to-date information on key topics for a productive ministry.

ATI Construction Conference: Architect
ATI Construction Conference: Architect (49:45)
If your thinking of building or even changing some of your buildings and facilities, this session is a great reasource for church leaders to get some helps. Larry Foxworth provides clear but helpful insight into how to design and build for... more
ATI Construction Conference: Financial Advisor
ATI Construction Conference: Financial Advisor (41:37)
Johnathan Gray, Executive Director of SBT Foundation, gives the financial perspective of building a building at the ATI Construction Conference. more
ATI Construction Conference: Attorney
ATI Construction Conference: Attorney (49:45)
Christian Ellis discusses the legal side of building a new building at Avoiding Thin Ice Construction Conference. more