Deaf Church Planter Training

Deaf Church Planter Training

Basic church planting training for those starting new groups and churches focused on reaching the deaf and hard of hearing.

Visioneering (20:56)
Based on what you see God doing, what is the role God wants you to have in His activity? What will make your church unique? more
Kingdom Warfare
Kingdom Warfare (56:38)
Starting new churches is spiritual warfare. This session helps the planting team understand how to be prepared. Planting is God's activity and will not succeed without prayer. more
Worldview and the Great Commission
Worldview and the Great Commission (38:06)
Worldview impacts how people think, communicate and process information. This will inform how you witness, teach, preach, do outreach, make disciples and develop leaders effectively. This session will help the planting team develop context... more
Evangelism (38:51)
Sharing the gospel is not optional for the church planter. Communicating the gospel to others does not have to be intimidating or awkward. Conversations can be steered toward spiritual matters in an intentional and natural way. more
Discipleship (27:15)
There is no command in the Bible to plant churches. There is a strong command to make disciples. However, one of the most effective disciplemaking strategies is starting new churches. The new church will never grow or reproduce unless its ... more
Gathering (45:38)
One of the biggest mistakes made by church starters is launching too soon. Being a community requires a lot of prep work and intentionality. more
Small Group Strategies
Small Group Strategies (47:54)
For any church to grow larger, it must also grow smaller. Whether talking about Sunday school, cell groups, the worship team, the youth group, or affinity groups in the church, healthy small groups are vital to disciplemaking, unity, missi... more
Administrative Issues
Administrative Issues (36:51)
 A church has organizational issues. As such, there are federal implications along with other logistics that have to be done well. more